A Guide to Cherry Springs Stargazing

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Address: 1317 E 2nd Street, Coudersport, PA 16915

Website: http://cherryspringsstatepark.com

Phone: 814-320-3200


Cherry Springs State Park is the only Dark Sky Preserve Park in the mid- Atlantic region. Cherry Springs, Potter County, is the most accessible and darkest sky, with a 360 degree view, east of the Mississippi. This area is known by astronomers internationally as being exceptionally clear, low particulate (dust) rates, and a complete absence of light pollution. When you look up for the first time, you will think you can reach up and touch the Milky Way. The billions and billions of visible stars will astonish you and add up to a memorable stargazing experience that you will be eager to share with your friends and family. We offer private star tours and photography workshops.

We are your ultimate guide for stargazing at Cherry Springs!

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